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The Panasonic Message Card is a powerful tool...

The Panasonic Message Card is a powerful tool that allows you toprofessionally greet your customer calls. Whether you want to set up anefficient auto-attendant menu system for your customers, keep your callers engaged with positive greetings while in a call queue, or provide any of the other business applications - the Message Card allows you to make that most important 1st impression on your customers - a lasting and positive one.

The message card supports the following powerful ©Out Going Message© (OGM) based applications that can be used independently or in combination to support your business needs.


DISA Built-in Automated Attendant Number (DISA AA Service) Feature 

 An auto attendant is a MUST communications tool in today©s fast pacedbusinesses and most customers expect an auto-attendant when calling acompany©s main phone line.  The message cards support: 

  • Multi-level Auto Attendant
  • Create Flexible Message Flows
  • Play Different Greetings Based on Time of Day (Day/Lunch/Break/Night)
  • DISA Intercept Routing - No Dial
  • Assign Floating Extension for each OGM for easy programming

  Using the Message Card, you can easily set up an auto attendant to professionally handle all incoming customercalls to your businesses. An auto-attendant can drastically reduce the amount of call traffic handled by the operator - allowing the operator to spend more time with your new or important customers. With AA, a caller simply presses a digit to access the relevant department - for example - Press 1 to Place Orders, Press 2 for Customer Support etc. Multiple level AA is also supported - allowing you to build a multi-level nested AA Menu - with up to 64 messages on the TDA100/200. If the caller fails to dial any digits, the call is automatically redirected to the operator extension. 


Incoming Call Distribution Queue Message

 Increase customer retention by keeping your customers positively engaged with voice message feedbacks while they are waiting to be served. When setting up an Incoming Call Distribution (ICD) group for your customers - the Message Card allows you to provide appropriate OGM messages to callers waiting in queue. Simply use the Queuing Time Table feature of the KX-TDA PBX to create any message sequences for your business needs. 

Give PBX Access to Off-site Employees

 Support your sales staff while they are on the road. By using the DISA feature - you can control all the calls yourroaming/off-site sales staffs makes - by allowing them to call the PBX and go through the PBX when accessing anoutside trunk to either make an outside call - or use Tie lines to call other branch offices. This also makes sure that for all your employees - even those that are off-site – you can use the most optimum trunk lines to manage and keep the cost of your outbound calls to a minimum. Special security features requiring PIN codes make surethat only authorised calls go through the system 

Timed Reminder Messages 

Businesses in the hospitality market could easily benefit from this feature where guests can receive a prerecordedreminder message on their room extensions. At set time, the phone system calls the extension and plays an appropriate message. Different messages can be played based on time of day settings (example: Day/Lunch/Break/Night). Businesses needing to implement guest wakeup alarm are just one of the examples where a timed reminder message feature can be implemented.  The Panasonic Message Card allows you to flexibly handle every incoming call to your business - and turn every call into a potential sale - by courteously and professionally handling the call. Enhance the professional image of your company by using a Message Card with your Panasonic TDA Hybrid IP PBX Systems. 

TDA100/200 Hybrid IP PBX Message Card System Capacity

Operation TDA100 TDA200
Optional Card  TDA0191
Channels per card  4
Max. Cards/System  2 4
Max. Voice Channels per System  8 (4 x 2) 16 (4 x 4)
Max. OGM Record Time per System  8~16* (minutes)
Max. Number of Messages  64