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SIP-GW4 with SIP VoIP Trunk Compatibility



Supporting the ability to connect KX-TDA15/KX-TDA30 Hybrid IP PBXs to the growing list of SIP based Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) to achieve low-cost VOIP calls over broadband IP network.  The SIP-GW4 comes with 4 port SIP trunk support which can be increased further to 8-ports by installing the optional SIP-DSP4 (KX-TDA3451) module. Each port on the SIP gateway card supports 1 bi-directional voice communication. The SIP gateway card also supports web programming for easy programming and configuration.



  • G.729a/b
  • G.711

    Supports SIP 2.0:

  • RFC3261 (UDP)
  • RFC3262 (PRACK)
  • RFC3262 (Offer/Answer)
  • RFC3311 (UPDATE)
  • RFC4028 (Session Timer)

 Telephony Feature Support:

  • Make Call/Receive call
  • CLIP (Caller ID)
  • DDI