kxtda3480xj.jpg - kx-tda3480_cti

  • 4ch IPGW Card

  • G729a/G723.1/G711
  • Fax G711(T.38 : Not supported)
  • Physical i/f: 10/100 Base-T
  • Web programming (English)


For KX-TDA15, KX-TDA30.




LAN Connection for CTI and Remote Maintenance

  Enhanced IP-GW4 Card supports 3rd party CTI – A software enhanced IP-GW4 card ( KX-TDA3480) can now also be used to allow KX-TDA15/KX-TDA30 customers to connect an external CTI server (e.g. using Panasonic TDA TSP) to provide common 3rd-party CTI solutions – e.g. Call Accounting and Reporting applications available in the market, Panasonic Phone Assistant productivity applications, and many more.

  Enhanced IP-GW4 Card supports Remote Maintenance – The software enhanced IP-GW4 card ( KX-TDA3480) allows dealers as well as system administrators to connect to a KX-TDA15/KX-TDA30from anywhere over an IP network to easily program and configure the phone system – reducing dealer trips and increasing easy system maintenance.  

IP-GW4 Card upgradeable – Existing IP-GW4 Cards, primarily used to establish H.323 based VOIP connection between KX-TDA15/KX-TDA30 and other TDA PBXs – can now have their software upgraded to provide the above enhancements. It should be noted that both 3rd Party CTI and PC Maintenance Console can work simultaneously.


kx-tda3480_cti - kx-tda3480_cti.jpg