• 2 to 6 ports and 64 mailboxes
  • 8-hour system recording time (max.)
  • e-message
  • Voice mail menu on the LCD
  • Custom Service
  • Live Call Screening (LCS)
  • Two-Way recording
  • Two-Way transfer


Recording Time 8hrs Max(1-600mins or unlimited)
Number of Ports Max.6
Number of Mailboxes 64
Number of Messages (per mailbox) Unlimited
Personal Greeting Length (programmable) 1-360 secs
Message Retention (programmable) 1-30 days or unlimited
Extension Numbering (programmable) 2-5 digits
Pause (programmable) Yes
Message Waiting Lamp (programmable) DTMF sequence/DPT Integration
Maximum Message Length (programmable) 1-60 mins or unlimited
Mailbox Information Report Yes
Call Account Report (Group Calls by Port) Yes
Call Account Report (Group Calls by Mailbox) Yes
Port Usage Report Yes
Mailbox Usage Report Yes
Memory Car Usage Report Yes
Hard Disk Usage Report No
Fax Call Report Yes
Call Handling Statistics Report No
Custom Service Report Yes
Message Status Report Yes
Subscriber Setup Report Yes
Security Status Report Yes
Hourly Statistics Report Yes
Email Report Yes