KXUT248 - KXUT248

High definition “HD” audio

The KX-UT248 is a high-end executive SIP terminal, which combines best in class wideband voice quality with a superb feature set, giving powerful desktop performance along with an advanced ECO friendly energy footprint.

The KX-UT248 features a large, 4.4” greyscale display, providing plenty of on-screen information such as contact lists and number displays, which makes managing up to 6 SIP accounts easy – ideal for busy executive users.

Voice quality is of prime importance, and the UT248 has been designed to take advantage of the G722 wideband codec, giving crystal clear conversations every time. In addition, both the handset and the built-in full duplex speakerphone have been carefully crafted using advanced audio design techniques to ensure that the audio quality is unsurpassed, whether you are using a handset, speakerphone or a Bluetooth wireless headset.

Headset users can also take advantage of the included support for Electronic Hook Switch systems from Plantronics, making it even easier to use in busy environments.

Many design features are included to make life easier for installers too – Power over Ethernet support makes cabling simpler, while extensive remote configuration and provisioning choices mean that multiple phones can be configured over the network, reducing both the install time and the need for site visits. For the customer, this means a real ‘Plug and Play’ experience.

UT248 is compatible with a wide variety of popular SIP server systems, and is certified with Digium’s Asterisk and Broadsoft’s Broadworks.