Skype into PBX Panasonic

Skype into PBX Panasonic - Skype into PBX Panasonic

Skype is taking business internet communications to a whole new level with Skype Connect. Businesses can complement their existing PBX Panasonic by integrating Skype for SIP without the need for new hardware or software. Any business can now configure their SIP-enabled PBX so Skype calls can be made directly from their desk phones at Skype's great low rates.

  • Save on costs

Low cost international calls to landline and mobile phones.

  • Receive calls

Free calls from Skype users. Answer calls via Online Numbers.

  • Click and Call buttons

Add buttons to your site and let customers call your call center on Skype for free.

  • Free inbound calls

Business travelers using Skype can call the office for free.