ISDN GSM Gateway 2N Ateus


The 2N ISDN GSM Gateway (GSM router) connected to a PBX ISDN port (BRI, So) transmits GSM services to ISDN user terminals. In addition to cost-efficient calls, it provides the following services: calling line identification presentation (CLIP), connection status displaying, advice of charging (AOC), SMS send/receive using the ISDN telephone set, and billing data recording.


  • Efficient Least Cost Routing (LCR) 
  • CallBack
  • High-quality voice transmission (EFR super sound)
  • Intelligent routing of incoming calls based on history of outgoing calls
  • DTMF dial-in with voice message
  • SMS sending and receiving
  • Call data records
  • SMS message in case of a missed call
  • Digital extension line option (second DTMF call support)
  • PBX connection by digital BRI ISDN
  • Analog outputs and inputs for system supervision
  • Routing by used B-channel (models 50208x)
  • Call rejection
  •  Worldwide use (GSM 850/1900 MHz or 900/1800 MHz


DISA provides DDI from the GSM network. The ISDN BRI GSM Gateway (ISDN router) welcomes the calling party with a DISA message and receives the number in the DTMF mode. Then, it converts the number into the DDI (in the PTP configuration) or MSN (in the PTMP configuration) mode. The least-cost routing (LCR) service helps establish connection alternatively by analysing the number (e.g. via the "netcall", etc.). The originally dialled number is completed as required by the Gateway program setup. All called numbers, including connection date and time, are recorded in the 2N ISDN GSM Gateway buffer. Outgoing calls are checked by the call barring table, which disables expensive calls.2N development department has implemented an interesting feature for those who don't want to learn 2N's ISDN BRI Gateway configuration - Dynamic Clip Routing on ISDN-BRI Gateways. This feature enables you to make configuration settings on your company PBX only without programming our GSM Gateways.

With the latest version of SMS Server Software you can get the advantage of SMS delivery reports. Since now, you may have a full review of your messages, whether they were delivered and exactly when.


Intelligent Incoming Call RoutingEnables to assign the extension number to be called to each calling number. Having detected the number, the GSM Gateway makes an automatic DDI according to the GSM Gateway (FCT) program table. 
HW compatible with the ISDN BRI Lite GSM gateway
BRI Lite is compatible with all telecommunication devices that work with the standard EURO ISDN BRI with DSS1 signalling.

Case studies:

AutoroutingThe ISDN BRI Lite gateway automatically stores information about outgoing calls. If somebody calls back, he is automatically routed to the extension that the previous call was made from.CallBackWhen the CallBack function is activated, the GSM gateway refuses to receive this incoming call (the call is only ringing) for a pre-defined time.  In case the calling party terminates the call before the timeout, the GSM gateway starts calling to a defined extension. When the extension picks the call up, the gateway starts calling to the GSM (called party number = CLIP of the incoming call).CLIP PBXCLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation). the CLI can also be shown on phones connected via a PBX.CLIR PBXCLIR (Calling Line Identification Restriction). The CLI of the SIM card in the gateway can be hidden for outgoing calls.Least Cost RoutingThe LCR function is activated for each port used (Port Modes chart). All numbers starting with predefined prefixes are preferentially connected to these particular ports.RoutingIf the gateway finds a match between the incoming number and a number listed in the CLIP routing chart, it activates the connection to the PBX or telephones connected via the port listed in the same chart.No answer SMSIn case an outgoing call from the GSM gateway is not connected (only rings for a defined time period), the gateway sends an SMS to the same number with a predefined text message.SMS serverISDN BRI Lite supports SMS sending and receiving. The 2N SMS server users can also send SMS among each other.