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The Panasonic KX-TDE IP PBX series are advanced

Communications platforms for IP networking environments

 The Panasonic KX-TDE IP PBX series are advanced communicationsplatforms for IP networking environments, supporting SIP connectivity fordesktops and networks. The system support a range of advanced IPtelephones, as well as the standard digital & analogue extensions, Digitaland ISDN trunks. Couple this with a Business Application environment, andyou have a system ready to take your business communication needs intothe 21st Century, at your own pace. 

 The KX-TDE IP Telecommunication Platform

 Investment in a telecommunication system requires business communication foresight. Businesses need to be able to effectively communicate today - yet want to make sure that they are properly equipped to handle the growing demands of their future communication needs. Highly modular and empoweredwith the latest SIP technology; the new KX-TDE IP PBXs are an ideal communication platform for customers to solve all their business telephony needs today as well as in the future as they embrace full IP telephony. Enhance your business with a solution designed to meet your ever changing needs - with wirelessmobility, business productivity applications, network solutions and a common infrastructure that helpsconnect all your users, wherever they may be.A straight forward and smooth migration path is the key for customers upgrading to convergedsolutions. Existing KX-TDA systems can be easily upgraded to the KX-TDE systems by simply replacingthe main processor card (IPCMPR) to take advantage of all the new features and benefit from trueconvergence.

With KX-TDE systems, customers can manage both a stand-alone, or networked systems connected viaan IP network from any location, and benefit from lower costs, and increased business productivity.Talk to your local Panasonic dealer for all your business communication needs.