Ateus EasyGate 501303

Benefits for customers:

  • Connection to any PBX
  • Data sending via RJ11 (Credit card swipe machine connection)
  • Internet connection
  • SMS sending/receiving
  • Baby call function
  • Remote monitoring (GGMA - GSM Global Monitoring Application)
  • UMTS interface


  • As a GSM Gateway (FCT)
  • As a Fixed line replacement
  • As an internet connection in distant areas
  • For analogue faxing
  • As a data connection of credit card swipe machine
  • Dramatic cost reduction
  • 2-wire, FXS interface (for analog phone or PBX CO line)
  • Serial port for GPRS/CSD connection
  • FXS port for CSD connection
  • ETSI FSK - Calling Line Identification - you can see the calling number on your telephone display
  • SMS Server for SMS sending & receiving
  • 12V power supply
  • Periodical Gateway Status SMS message
  • Automatic SMS sending activated by an external signal
  • SMS informing of low credit in prepaid cards
  • GGMC (GSM Gateway Monitoring Centre) - GSM operator can check status of the GSM gateway remotely
  • GGMA (GGMA - GSM Global Monitoring Application) - possibility to remotely check following information of the gateway: Serial number; firmware version; IMEI; Mobile country code; Mobile network code; Cell Id; Signal Strength
  • Baby call feature (automatic call without dialing)
  • Dialed number restriction, evaluation and modification
  • Easy & comfortable maintenance, configuration and upgrade